Member Benefits


Training Opportunities

Training opportunities may be provided through subchapter meetings, state or district chapter educational institutes and International Conventions. (See the International Website for other on-line learning opportunities.)

Workforce Professional Development Program (WPDP)

The Workforce Professional Development Program (WPDP) is a series of examinations that tests an individual's knowledge. The series consists of Workforce Development Generalist, Employment and Training Systems, Tax and Benefits and Labor Market Information. If all four examinations are completed, you receive the designation of Employment Master. (Click here for more WPDP testing information.)

Certified Workforce Professional (CWP)

The Certified Workforce Professional Program (CWP) was developed as a way to help IAWP members achieve their professional development goals. To attain certification shows you have passed a rigorous competency-based testing program and shows current and potential employers your initiative in developing, maintaining, and improving your career skills within the workforce field. (Click here for more CWP information.)

Scholarships and Grants

The Logan S. Chambers individual scholarships are awarded for pursuit of job-related study at accredited schools. The Logan S. Chambers Scholarship is designed to provide financial assistance to IAWP full members who wish to increase their knowledge, skills and abilities in a course(s) of study that pertains to employment and training work, or toward a degree program that relates to job performance and/or promotional possibilities.  

The Freddy L. Jacobs Student Individual Scholarship is designed to provide financial assistance to IAWP Student Members or Dependents of IAWP Full Members who wish to increase their knowledge, skills and abilities in the area of leadership or workforce development, who are pursuing an associate or undergraduate degree or other certification, or who are required to complete an extracurricular educational or training program to obtain a high school diploma.  

The W. Scott Boyd Group Grant is designed to provide financial assistance to IAWP chapters and subchapters, as well as chapters working with their agencies, for the presentation of group educational and training programs.

(For more information on International Scholarships and Grants, click here.)

The Montana Chapter IAWP Educational Scholarship Grant is designed to provide financial assistance to members who wish to increase their knowledge, skills and abilities by engaging in a course(s) of study that pertains to Employment Security work or toward a degree program that relates to improved job performance and/or promotional possibilities. An applicant must be an IAWP member and have exhausted the Logan S. Chambers Scholarship grant eligibility requirements. The applicants course of instruction should be provided by an accredited institution (college, university, business school or high school) or by a recognized professional or consulting organization. Grant requests may NOT be a duplication of Montana Department of Labor and Industry out-service training programs. Requests may NOT be covered, either wholly or in part, by direct agency payment, and may NOT be financed through other sources directly related to government-type appropriations. Grants may not exceed $500.00 for total instructional purposes. Grants may include books and other course fees incidental to the specific course. Grants may be awarded at any time during the financial year (February 1 through January 31) or until budgeted funds for this purpose are depleted. Grants may be awarded for one or more courses in the same administrative year, up to the $500.00 maximum. Application forms may be obtained from the Education Chair who is responsible for initial review, approval, and forwarding to the chapter president or vice-president for final consideration. The Education Chair will pay approved grants when complete and appropriate documentation is provided.


The Montana Chapter recognizes the work of individuals and groups through the awards program. Awards include the Award of Merit, Citation Award, Employee Performance Award, Retiree of the Year, Services to People with Disabilities, Service to Veterans, and the Sparkplug Award. The International Association annually presents awards at its convention, which recognize overall merit, job performance, disabled and veterans service, professional practices and educational programs. (Click here for more information on Awards.)


As a member of IAWP, you will receive the International Workforce Professional publication that is issued 4 times per year. It features workforce development trends, association business, book reviews and workplace tips. You will also receive the Montana Chapter newsletter, which is published 4 times per year. It provides information on events, trainings, and region news within Montana.

Being a member of IAWP gives you an opportunity to meet and network with other Workforce Professionals at institutes and conferences both inter- and intra-state and internationally. You will find that concerns and ideas are shared by others within the IAWP family